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For companies considering the Hartford Region, CT IFS can provide business services and resources that streamline the location or expansion process. We represent the Hartford Region through several statewide and global partnerships. Local, regional, and statewide incentives are available to companies considering the Hartford Region for business.

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The primary objective of the InsurTech Corridor is to remove barriers InsurTechs face when entering and expanding in a new market in order to facilitate traction and growth.

The creation of an InsurTech Corridor was announced on December 6, 2021 following the signing of a statement of intent with the initial goal of developing an online platform of resources to launch in early 2022.

Collaboration & Opportunities

Through close collaboration between the UK Department for International Trade, Connecticut IFS, and InsurTech UK, the InsurTech Corridor will help participating companies:

• Increase their knowledge of each respective market
• Access resources and make valuable connections to accelerate their business growth
• Connect with business development and investment opportunities
• Streamline US and UK market entry by leveraging the local insurance ecosystems
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