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For hundreds of years, the insurance industry has been synonymous with Hartford and Connecticut.  A competitive focus on technology and unyielding commitment to quality and excellence for the consumer are amplified with global reach to the consumer and financial markets of the world.  And Connecticut boasts a workforce comprised of the most educated, experienced professionals in the world.  Period.

Join Connecticut’s dynamic insurance industry and be part of the Insurance Capital.

Strengthening and advancing the insurance and financial service indistry

Emerging Talent Pool

Partner with experts changing the global insurance marketplace

Industry Networking

Networking for insurance executives, professionals and startups

Get Hired Career Fair

An annual career fair for college students and recent graduates seeking internships and full-time employment in Connecticut’s insurance and financial services industry.

Actuarial Boot Camp

An immersive, interactive experience taking students inside the actuarial profession for a springboard to future success.

High School, Inc.

A college preparatory school for high school students grades 9-12 who are interested in pursuing careers in the insurance and financial services industries.

All Hart Connecticut

We’re creators and initiators. We’re skylines and ziplines. We’re summits and surfboards. Providing Community, Culture & Opportunity. We’re all here. We’re all heart.

HYPE Hartford Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Whether you work for a company, a municipality or yourself, there’s a place for you at HYPE where you can expand your personal and professional networks to propel your career.

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